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ShantiMayi in Denmark


ShantiMayi visits Denmark regularly to give satsangh and retreats.

Her next visit will be in September 2017.


Between the 8th - 14th ShantiMayi will be at Sacha Kutir, Birkevej 5, 5672 Broby, Fyn. For information about prices, accommodation, transport etc. see further below.


On the 15th and 16th at 7pm there will be satsangh in Copenhagen at Phendeling, Center for Tibetan Buddhism, Nørregade 7B.



Camp with ShantiMayi at Sacha Kutir 8th – 13th September 2017


The camp is now fully booked, and it is no longer possible to join the day program.

However you are still welcome to attend satsang in the evenings.


  • 8th - arrival from 4 pm (soup at 7 pm)
  • 9th - Sacha Stupas 10 year anniversary
  • 9th – 12th - Satsangh 7:30 pm
  • 10th – 12th - Devotional Chanting Intensive with ShantiMayi
  • 13th - Birthday celebration for ShantiMayi and soup before closing camp
  • 14th - After-camp. Free of charge for those who will help take down the camp


We ask that all who have the possibility will stay and help !!

Daily Program

  • Morning: yoga with Anne and Gayatri with ShantiMayi
  • Before noon: attention on Sacha Stupaen (what that entails will be spontaneous)
  • Afternoon: Devotional Chanting Intensive med ShantiMayi
  • Evening: Satsangh

The Birthday Celebrations on the 9th and 13th will each have their own special program.

There will be time to enjoy the beautiful nature, Sacha Stupa and each other’s company.



Everybody will be asked to offer Seva - selfless service - which is practical work: dishwashing, chopping vegetables, cleaning etc. This goes for both people staying at Sacha Kutir and those who stay outside. On arrival you will sign up for a Seva that will be yours during your stay.



It will be possible to stay at Sacha Kutir in your own tent or in dormitory (limited number). Both options by the principle "first signed up, first served".

Toilet and showering facilities are fine - but primitive.


There are also possibilities for accommodation around Sacha Kutir at Hostels, Bed and Breakfast as well as private accommodation (see further below).


Good and simple organic vegetarian food from “Himmel & Erde” by Bholanath.



To sign up fill out the registration form on the webpage.



  • Satsangh with ShantiMayi: 20 € - to be paid in cash before Satsangh.

  • Devotional Chanting Intensive with ShantiMayi is by donation.

  • Membership of the Danish Sacha Sangha Society 13 € is mandatory, whether you participate all days or only some of the days. See form on the registration webpage.

  • Stay at Sacha Kutir

Accommodation and food at Sacha Kutir September 8th – 13th/14th

Early Bird by registering before August 1th: 245 €.

This includes membership of Sacha Sangha Society, does not include program and Satsang with ShantiMayi.

The 245 € covers food, satsangh-tent, chairs, tables, kitchen, materials, etc.:

13 € membership of Danish Sacha Sangha Society

7 € - dinner, sept. 8th

60 € - Sacha Stupa Birthday, sept. 9th

40 € per day - sept. 10th - 12th

45 € - ShantiMayi’s Birthday, sept. 13th

Late Bird: registering later than August 1th will add an extra 7 € per day, coming to a total of 280 €.

N.B! You always sign up and pay for a whole day no matter when you arrive or leave on any given day.

Sleeping at Sacha Kutir is for free.


The total amount is to be paid IN CASH on arrival.

N.B! We are not able to accept credit cards and coins in foreign currency.


Children up to 9 years of age are free, 9-15 years of age half price.


It is possible to participate in single days.

It is also possible to come just for satsangh in the evening.





Danhostel in Fåborg City, 11 km from SachaKutir

Grønnegade 71-72. A double room is 450 dkr. per night.

Apartment in Håstrup, 7 km fra SachaKutir

Pallesgyden 2, 5600 Håstrup, 100 m2, 1-5 persons

Apartment in Håstrup, 5 km fra SachaKutir

Toften 2, 5600 Håstrup

Millinge gamle skole, 9 km from Sacha Kutir

Assensvej 296, 5642 Millinge

Multihuset, Vester Hæsinge, in the little village, 1,5 - 2 km nearby

Birkevej 68, Vester Hæsinge 5672 Broby. E-mail: phone.: +45 - 20 32 99 73

Fåborg Camping, 11 km away from SachaKutir

They have cabins with bathroom, huts and places for tents

Bus 111 stops outside the camping. Only Dkr can be used on the bus

Privat accommodation

It is also possible for privat accommodation. For information contact Mayi by mail:, or by phone: +45 - 62 68 13 06



How to get to SachaKutir:

You take BUS 111 from Odense Train station towards Fåborg (takes about one hour) Timetable

You can only pay with cash, Dkr.

Ask the bus driver to set you off at the first stop after Vester Hæsinge. When you get off the bus, walk back in the direction you came from, about 100 meters to a farmhouse and a dirt road (Birkevej) on your left side. Follow the dirt road to the very end about 750 meters. Then you are here!



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