Sacha Kutir

Sacha Sangha Danmark


Sacha Kutir - The Hut of Truth


The property of Sacha Kutir is located at the feet of ‘The Alps of Fuen’ commonly known as Svanninge Bakker (Svanninge Hills). The property is 8 acres of land adjacent to forest and farmland.

A 15-minute drive takes you to the beach and the Sydfynske Øhav (South Fuen Archipelago) .

Mayi and Sunyata own and live at Sacha Kutir.


Sacha Kutir invites one to reflect and meditate. Many guests have visited during the years


The stupa Sacha stands next to the forest about 300 meters from the main house. Sacha and the lawns around the stupa are publically accessible by route through the forest. Many people visit Sacha, sit on a bench or enjoy the surrounding nature and peace, which dominates there.



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