Sacha (stupa)

Sacha Sangha Danmark



Sacha stupa is a tempel for meditation and prayer. Sacha means ”The divine truth which cannot be named’.

It has been built for healing, peace and love between peoples and for the realisation of our true nature. It symbolises the multiple aspects of the divine.










The stupa is a three dimensional form of the Sacha mandala. The form took shape through close collaboration between ShantiMayi and Sunyata, who was in charge of the construction and people from the sangha did the work.






The spiritual foundation of the stupa consists of four mantras:


Gayatri Mantra,

is a prayer for everyone to realise enlightened awareness.

Prabhu Aapa Jago,

is a prayer that the awareness of God may awaken in all people.

Medicine Buddha Mantra,

is for healing of the physical, mental and spiritual realms.

The Lakota Indian song of gratitude

Wakantanka Tunkashila pila maya jelo hey


These four mantras were sung daily at the beginning and at the end of each working day on the stupa.




During the stupa initiation ceremony in 2007 holy relics, collected by ShantiMayi, and hundreds of small medicine Buddha tza-tzas, figures were placed inside the stupa.


The relics and symbols stem mainly from the spiritual traditions of buddhism, hinduism and american indian.













All measurements of the building are divisble with the number 9, a symbol of perfection, beginning and end.


Sand and water from the Ganges River were mixed in with all the cement and mortar.

Small pieces of paper, each handwritten with the mantra Prabhu Aapa Jago, were placed between each and every brick.


The inner chamber is situated equally above and below ground level and has standing space for 8 people.


The Tree of Life oak pole reaches from the floor of the chamber to the peak of the domed ceiling functioning as an acupuncture needle for healing our planet earth.


Placed at the bottom of the Tree of Life is a crystal. At ShantiMayi’s request hundreds of people have held the crystal in their hands sending/giving/filling it prayers for the world.


The mosaic floor has the shape of a spiral galaxy in black, red, yellow and white, which are the American Indian colors for the four directions. Only women have laid the mosaic.


Under the floor, under each color is a copper pipe running from one of the four directions to the Tree of Life. These four pipes converge at the base of the oak pole and spiral their way up the Tree of Life through the domed ceiling to the bells on the roof.

The copper spiral conducts energi and symbolises the DNA molecule.


At the top of Sacha are bells singing in the wind. At the uppermost tip is a blue topas, the symbol of Bindu, the divine breath.







The outer quadratic shape of Sacha is placed with the sides facing the four corners of the earth - west, north, east and south.

The three steps in the edge of the quadratic shape symbolise the physical, mental and spiritual aspects.


Lotus leaves symbolise the purity of mind.


The cirle symbolises wholeness, perfection without beginning or end.


The star of David consists of two triangles.

The triangle pointing upwards represents the masculine aspect. The triangle pointing downwards represents the feminine.

Together they compose a six-pointed star symbolising heaven and earth in perfect harmony, impossible to separate.


Creating a crown are twelve hearts, one for each month of the year.

The hearts point out towards the world symbolising the constant flow of never ending love.


The diamond in the center symbolises lucidity and transformation.


Bindu is the center of the mandala. It symbolises’that’ from which all arises and returns to.





Sacha is on the property Sacha Kutir just south of the town Vester Hæsinge on Fyn (Fuen) nearby Svanninge Bakker (Svanning Hills).

Sacha is open to the public during daytime hours and is accessible via a walking path through the adjacent forest. Parking is possible at the entrance to the forest.

We request that all visitors show respect for the neighbors, the forest and the holy site of Sacha. Pamphlets about Sacha are available in a wooden box at the forest edge near Sacha.


For driving directions and pathway through the forest see:


It is possible to get a presentation of Sacha and see the inner chamber.

For a presentation contact:

Mayi og Sunyata

Tel: +45 - 6268 1306

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