Inauguration 2007

Sacha Sangha Danmark


Inauguration of Sacha 2007



ShantiMayi's prayer at the stupa: “Now on this day we celebrate together an initiation and inauguration. We gather to be initiated by the Stupa as we inaugurate the Birth of the Stupa. Bringing the spiritual vitality of our deepest desire into this beautiful Sacred Sculpture. Today we are privileged to breathe our prayers into the heart of the Stupa and enliven it for the Enlightenment of all beings. May all who look upon it be blessed, inspired and enlightened".















There were guests from different countries both within and outside Europe.
















448 Medicine Buddha statues passed from hand to hand and were placed inside the stupa under the twelve chambers containing the relics.














Here are some of the relics. They are all wrapped and sewn in silk cloth ready to be placed inside the stupa.















At sunrise September 9th the Havan fire ceremony was preformed for each of the four directions. The sun rose and spread its light upon all present.

Thousands of hand written prayers were put in the fires during quiet and intense chanting.












Each participant blessed Sacha with flowers.

































The crystal, filled with prayers from the whole world, was placed by ShantiMayi.

























At 9:09am the blue topas was placed at the top.















Sacha - "A Monument Built With and Filled With The Great Intention of Enligtenment For All Beings" (Quotation ShantiMayi)

ShantiMayi’s prayer at the stupa:

Sacha Invokation Prayer to the Great Spirit

Ignite the Power of Enlightenment Great Spirit

Within Us and Everywhere as Everything

Awaken Us Completely to Our Divine Light

within Our Hearts

Relieve Everyone from Suffering the Ignorance

of Our True Nature

Ignite the Power of Enlightenment

Great Spirit Within us all

See Our Thank You.





After the inauguration we celebrated ShantiMayi’s birthday. On a helicopter ride she could see a large group of people standing in the shape of a heart wishing her Happy Birthday.



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